There is a man and his name is Daddy

May 26, 2005
It was Thursday and a man I know passed away from this earth. I call him Daddy! He called me his cowboy!


Daddy and Me playing with Spot on our family farm in Harlingen, Texas some 50 years ago.

Today as I do everyday, still feel his presence.

He once asked me what I wanted to be?

I want to be an astronaut, an engineer and a king!

He said then be whatever you want to be, but you will always be my cowboy!20110526-102057.jpg

So I became a pilot, a software engineer, and ran for US Senate!

Isn’t that good Daddy?
Yes, that’s good Cowboy!


Daddy let me drive the tractor when I was three!

At 5 he let me drive his truck!

We would drive down the road through the Ozarks and mountains with my hands on the wheel while I sat on his lap just so I could see. He let me drive close to the edge of the road and look down at the river below passing through the mountain passes!
My Daddy was never scared cuz I was driving his truck, and my hands were on wheel. I was a good driver he often told me!
He once had to leave me and go to Brazil for a long trip, I think it lasted several years. I know because I cried many many tears!
Then he had an accident when I was 16. Grandma flew a plane and brought him back to me! Grandma was a pilot just like I wanted to be!
I brought my guitar and report card and sang to him in bed. Badly burned from an explosion he barely lifted his head. Isn’t that good Daddy don’t you like to hear me sing? Yes son you sound like a cowboy singing on the range.
At 38 my Daddy taught me how to trade. Chicago Merc at 8:30 opened high and low each day! He let me trade oil and gas, corn, gold and take it to the edge. Sometimes we made 30,000 and sometimes we lost the same each hour every morning for seven years it was kinda like a game.

I was scared but he wasn’t cuz he always believed in me!

So now at 51, I don’t wonder what to do. I just put my hands on the wheel and do as I should do. He had to leave me but he didn’t go to Brazil, but Grandma is there with him and I pray someday me too!
I did all he ever taught me and I even became a Dad! It’s even better than being a cowboy, a senator, engineer or pilot. Its better to be a Dad!
Cuz my daughters are so precious and much smarter than me. One is going to be a nurse and another getting a PHD!!!
I still sing my songs and drive a truck but mostly by myself, I’m not scared but sometimes wish he was there to see me now.
Daddy isn’t that good all the things I done?
Lance you aren’t a little cowboy but you are a man, a dad and still my son.
I love you Daddy and I always knew that your hands were on the wheel, but thank-you for making me feel special cuz it was quite a thrill!

I talk alot and like to brag but that’s just how I am cuz he made me into the man I am: a cowboy, son and dad.

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