Willie Nelson: Amsterdam LIVE

I just decided that on Sundays I would post a live video of music legends that have influenced my life. Period.

Because I met and smoked a joint with Willie Nelson in 1978 In Austin Texas and later in 1990 on a Golf Course in California.

I owe this to Willie Nelson:

I smoke weed

I released a music album August 2018 Going Down On The Farm

I can sleep at night after hearing the Red Headed Stranger Crooner sing me nite nite.


I am not afraid to be different.

I am 58 and just starting my professional music career 40 years after that 1st meeting with Willie Nelson.

Next UP?

I would like to collaborate on an original song with Willie Nelson by December 2020.

It will have something to do with providing food to the world via a remotely deploy-able food in a box farm.

Yes iFarm a box that grows food automatically anywhere in the world. Period.


Author: bbqdad

pilot poet dad "I can open a pickle jar with my bare hands!"

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