When I Want to Die, I read this letter

Love ❤️ letter to Bbqdad

Dear Bbqdad,

You are your best friend and you are awesome!

A great dad that built memories with your children camping, soccer practices and chili 🌶 contests. E is your chili taster and C is your biggest fan.

You are still their hero.

Right now you are either outta control on a 30,000 foot high running for Senator or a 12 feet under low hopeless, lost and alone. At least that is what it seems, but that is not who you are as a person.

You have an illness diagnosed as bipolar, PTSD and Psychosis.

Yep you are a day dream believer.

High or low is not your natural self, let’s get back to medium. Like diabetes, you need meds. Take them. They work.

You are not alone and can ask for help. Remember when you crashed and burned and your friends were there for you. Give them a call. Listen to them they love you and support you they are a lifeline back to your reality.

Yep the dream that won’t end is a dream and no matter how much you believe it, a better you is in reach that is the medium even-keel of your wonderful you.

If you are flirting with the edge of the pit or at the end of your rope it’s not the noose you seek. It’s a rip cord and it will save your life. 911.

You are a vulnerable, charismatic man living in abundance.

Your family and friends need your humor and wit to enrich their lives.

Even now with nothing you are worth it so grab the lifeline and pull that cord.

You have weathered the worst of storms from assaults, kidnapping, homelessness and deep despair to bankrupt living.

You made it through these. Hit the ground but climbed the mountain. Again and again you were bucked off the horse but got back on and are still the master of your life. But heh cowboy it’s time to call the Calvary. Even Sam Houston had an army and couldn’t fight his enemies alone.

Remember your kids want to have you in their lives so you can write new chapters in all your lives.

You are worthy of their love, and they need everything you got cuz they mean everything to you.

Love Bbqdad

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