Cannabis can lessen the severity of bipolar 1 symptoms

I am bipolar1. My episodes are sky-high and 6 months with a crash that can last 3 years.

This last manic episode was triggered by my Daddies’ birthday and lasted only 2 weeks and on an awesome creative high.

I smoke cannabis to lessen the severity of my bipolar 1 disorder symptoms:

  • depression mood is boosted or elevated to a natural creative state
  • mania is milder and short-lived
  • PTSD and sleepless nights with angry dreams of being attacked stopped

During the last three years however, I had bipolar depression. I was down. I didn’t BBQ and didn’t feel like playing my guitar. I felt flat. Lived as a hermit. Barely bathe. Had many thoughts of suicide. At night, I had angry dreams of being attacked. This was my PTSD.

Then two weeks later the sleepless nights stopped, and I was in a better place.

This is because I started smoking and eating cannabis for its calming effect on anxiety in the mornings before going to work. Getting help with the other bipolar 1 disorder symptoms was a side benefit.

Every individual is different and has a different tolerance to cannabis. I would consult your doctor before trying something like this. But for me it is working and giving me relief.

I want to note that I also am taking prescription drugs, and they also contribute to the positive effects that I am having. However, they did nothing for my bipolar depression or creativity or sleep. Only thing different is the cannabis use in the morning. Wake and Bake.

During the manic phase I developed high creativity and started work on my blog again after 3 years. I started editing and writing new content on 9/11. Today I have received several views and likes with one of my poems being published in a Digital Magazine!

I believe that cannabis is helping give relief to my bipolar 1 symptoms.

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