My Special Dad

My Special Dad
by Casey
June 11, 2001

My Special Dad by Casey

Lance Merrick (Bbqdad)
I dedicate this book to my dad because this whole book is all about him. My dad enjoys eating the spiciest things in the world and also enjoys going to the movies.

I bet you my dad Mr. Lance Merrick would win a famous award for being the most intelligent, fun and funny father in the world!

To begin, my dad is incredibly intelligent. Whenever I need help with my math homework….I just call his name and he’ll be there in a blink of an eye! I remember when I needed some help doing long division. My dad taught me a trick – it is to just keep on repeating the steps: Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring Down. It helped me a whole lot!

My dad is probably the smartest person on computers because he could take a whole computer apart then put it back together again replaced with faster or nicer parts like a CD Burner or a faster modem! It’s pretty cool to me. I think I could never ever do that!

My third reason is he can crack a puzzle extremely fast. There was a small little cube where you had to put the same colors next to each other when they were all mixed up. I timed him. He did it in 5 minutes! It would probably take me an eternity to do just one side. That’s what I think of my dad being intelligent.

In addition my dad is amazingly fun! He always brings me to an arcade. Our favorite game is at the Kuhunaville restrurant arcade. It’s a canoe game called “ROW AS FAST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN”. You sit in a yellow or orange raft and there is an oar connected to the raft that you use to paddle down the rapids. There is a screen right in front of your eyes. There are many tunnels lined with red writing flashing. One of them says “Dino Thrills!” When we entered it was all dark and there was a slobbering, evil, scary, people-eating TYRANNOSAURUS REX! I remember when the T_REX ate us! Ahh!Yick! Naasty!

My dad also likes to bring me to really awesome restrurants. I remember he brought me to a restrurant where you could choose to sit on saddles. My dad sat on a western saddle and the same for me too! Another reason why he’s fun is because we go swimming. We play Sharky where I am the person and my dad is the shark. He tries to catch me. When my dad catches me, I have to do three handstands underwater for me to be alive agin. It’s realy fun. That is why my dad is fun to be with!

THIRD MY DAD IS FUNNY. hE LIKES TO TELL JOKES. oNE OF THEM IS, “wHAT is as big as an elephant and weighs nothing? It’s an elephant’s shadow!” I laughed non-stop! My dad’s funny when he puts pillows up both sides of his shirt. One in front and one in the back. He pretennded to be a sumo wresler and he would waddle like a penguin! It looked really funny! He also makes funny noises like , Mmm foody and blahh! I always laugh as hard as a million cannons going off! Caboom!

MY dad also runs around like a horse on his hands and knees. I always ride on his back I put a pillow and make it be a saddle. Sometimes he bucks me off! Woo! Ahh! Oh help me! Bump. If you think my dad can be funny then I don’t know what could convince you!

In conclusion my dad did win for being as intelligent as a scientist, being funny as can be, and as funny as a clown. Jump out of dreaming and hop in a car with your dad for an adventurous time!

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