Cannabis helps PTSD

I have bipolar 1 and PTSD. Tonight we learn about my PTSD.

I never used to have angry dreams but now I have one in particular.

I am leaving a bar after performing at an open-mic. I open my car door and three youths ambush me. I tried to defend myself but a baseball bat to the head, and I was lights out.

I woke in a dark hospital room in Colorado. it was 4:20AM they didn’t put me in a room so late at night and left me in the ER room. I think they would have thought I was drunk or on drugs.

I’m just shell shocked. What did my attackers get?

I’m thankful that I am alive.

But the bloody wound to the head was the real reason. It took 27 stitches. And it is the real reason for my PTSD. The trauma of reliving what actually happened to me.

This PTSD dream occurs over and overnight after night. I try to run but I can’t get away.

THEN I learned to not run, but FLY. You can fly in these dreams. Give it a try. Just pretend like you are on a winged horse, or in my case my childhood pony named Smokey. It then turns into fun.

Smoking cannabis makes me sleepy and I go into a deep sleep without any dreams. This way I don’t have to see the repeated dream again. That is why I think cannabis is helping with PTSD symptoms.

Here is a in depth article that goes more into Cannabis and PTSD

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