Voodoo Chile @RoadKill Grill (mania and can’t stop talking)

I am obviously manic in this episode of General Sam Houston @RoadKill Grill.

When I watched this video I had to ask myself. What the hell is this? There is no point other than a collection of racing thoughts and images all jumbled together. This is what my brain looks like when it is manic and having racing thoughts.

I think it would be best to light up a reefer and sit back before watching this video.

Here in the video I’m in a trailer on land I own. Cooking on an open fire making Voodoo Chili.

The military could use it for napalm it’s that hot.

I am severely manic and can’t stop talking. (pressured speech is a symptom of bipolar)

I also have been up all night with lotsa energy to spare.

Besides all that I am in an alternate universe where I think I’m Sam Houston. He was a General in the battle between Texas and Mexico. Sam was my hero as a kid. I read every book in the school library about him. I tried to pattern my life after him even marrying a Native American. And I ran for political office to be a Senator.

The seeing in an alternate reality is a sign of my psychosis rearing it’s ugly head.

I also have angry dreams at night. This is something lots of veterans have and it’s called PTSD.

I eat cannabis gummy bears for PTSD because they help me sleep and not dream.

I will also say the calming effect is good for relief of anxiety.

This is meant to give insight into what bipolar mania looks like in me and to be ENTERTAINING.

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