Can cannabis replace opioids for pain relief?

Yes, cannabis has been shown to relieve pain and can be an effective replacement for oxycodone or opioids.

Why is it important if cannabis can replace oxy?

  • Oxycodone is addictive whereas cannabis is not
  • 28000 people per year die of oxy overdoses, cannabis users can not overdose
  • cannabis has less side effects than oxy
  • cannabis is cheaper than oxy pills ($50 – $80 on the street)

I have tried opiates recreationally but only a couple of times. It caused a calming effect over my full body. I felt like I was loved and nestled in the arms of an angel. Besides the pain relief I believe the emotional feelings of drifting away from problems is what cause addiction as much as the physical.

I like to eat cannabis as an edible because it gives a great full body high for 8 hours. Check out my magic brownies.

Do I know anyone that has replaced opiates with cannabis?

Without personal experience in pain management, I thought I would ask friends that have dealt with pain and used both medications.

I have friends that I have met on which have to deal with chronic consistent pain. They live in states that have medical marijuana and were prescribed cannabis over oxycodone.

  • C a teenager says “I use CBD Oil for pain relief and it is working!”
  • B a veteran stated “If it weren’t for cannabis I wouldn’t be here!”

If this blog is about anything it is about using cannabis to replace prescription drugs that may be dangerous. I would like to hear more from others including veterans that are having trouble with prescription drugs like oxy.

In conclusion, based on articles and testimony I believe that cannabis can be a replacement for opioids for pain management.

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