Bipolar Hypersexuality (means SEX in over-drive)

Bipolar Hypersexuality (means SEX in over-drive)

One of the lesser talked about symptoms of bipolar mania is hypersexuality. That is having a hyped up libido. You can imagine the fun and problems that this could cause. Think about it. Elevated mood (high), no inhibitions, high energy, extroverted party animal (all part of mania) then add on a supercharged sex drive what do you get? Rock star. (See post about living like a rock star)

Party Time

Every summer when there is 24-hours of sunlight in Alaska I get triggered into mania and feel super high with creativity and energy. I also get hyper-sex drive. It certainly is a cure for shyness. I don’t stand back and wonder whether I should go up and talk to that girl or not at the festival. No, I am like a heat seeking missile with a payload.

I walk straight up to the prettiest girl (20 something with red hair) and smile.

“Hi, would you like to go smoke a bowl?”, I ask friendly like.

About 9 times out of 10 they say yes, and we go back to my truck to chill. Oh did I mention, I’m at an outdoor music festival, and I am camping in my truck in Girdwood, AK. There are outdoor festivals every weekend during summer in Alaska to make up for all the darkness of winter. Places where girls just wanna have fun.

I am obsessed with sex when manic. I like music but going to festivals is where I find girls. Hippy Girls in Girdwood. If I want to score, I don’t have the luxury of being shy.

There are problems with having hypersexuality.

I am single now, but 20 years ago married and having hypersexuality was a problem. I watched a lot of porn, went to strip clubs. I went to brothels. All driven by my obsession.

Later, I felt regret and guilt as a cheater! My wife never found out. (until she reads my blog)

I was putting myself in danger of contracting an STD. I was living risky behavior. I was spending money on “working women” many times a week. (expensive)

This is a life that is in stark contrast to me when stable. I don’t have much of a libido and don’t feel like a catch. That is the difference between being manic with hyper-drive versus normal for me.

What can I do to curb hypersexuality

When I sense a manic episode is coming on, I gear up to gear down my sex drive. I tend to pleasure myself more. Avoid porn. Avoid alcohol. (although I have stopped drinking because it fuels mania)

Stay on my meds. Mindful meditation and cannabis calm the beast. I don’t deny myself pleasure, but I don’t pursue risky behavior.

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