Bipolar Girl

Bipolar Girl – Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is an actress that plays Lexi a bipolar girl on Modern Love. “Bipolar Girl” is the theme song to the show where Anne sings about being bipolar. Words like “are you up or down” and “will you be manic by the weekend” say that she is bipolar.

The significance of this show is that it is trying to remove the stigma of mental illness.

There has been a lesser stigma for depression, but bipolar has a strong stigma against it. Most TV or movies where the word “bipolar” is mentioned is connected to someone that is a psycho serial killer.

I’m going to watch Season 1, Episode 3 of Modern Love where Lexi the Bipolar Girl lives her life as a regular semi-stable person. She works as a lawyer and lives in NYC. The show is on Amazon Prime if you want to watch it.

The show is based on a book written by the real “Lexi”.

She says of Anne Hathaway, “She brings out the mania and depression of bipolar girl in a loveable way and de-stigmatizes mental illness.”.

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