Bipolar Mania Music Playlist

Music has a lot of emotional energy.

When I am manic, I want to listen to classic rock.

In this video I am on a vacation trip to see a friend in New Hampshire. It’s a sunny day. The forest is green. The air is fresh. I’m playing the stereo up loud in a rental car.

It’s the Bipolar Tour.

The action starts with me creeping out of the woods. (Why did I go in the woods in the first place?) AND lo and behold I see a beer. Too bad, It’s an empty. Then I seize an opportunity to direct traffic and that is when the fun begins. Watch as this Bipolar Bbqdad runs a muck and listen to some good tunes on the journey.


Songs on this playlist:

  • You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet by BTO

  • Livin on a prayer by BonJovi

  • Just What I Needed by The Cars

  • SOME Heavy Metal Band I don’t recognize see if you know the song (put in comments your guess, mine is Black Sabbath?)

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