Bipolar Spending Spree (Impulsivity)

One of the symptoms of bipolar is impulsivity.

Or as I like to call it: Spending Sprees.

I don’t mean like go to Walmart and get a full basket spree. I mean buy 4 cars, a trailer, and 10 acres of land in one month spree.

That is what I did. I bought 4 cars, a trailer, and 10 acres of land. I spent all my savings and I didn’t have a job. In fact, I had been fired. I took my last paycheck down to the car dealership to show my income. That is how I parlayed getting 4 cars without putting any money down and don’t have to pay for 3 months.

Because I was now home and not working, I threw pool parties in the Jacuzzi almost every day. That would include grilling and smoking weed. Sometimes a girl party would show up, and I was Johnny on the spot with the food and smoke. I made a lot of friends this way.

The property management did not like the parties or the weed. Somehow they found out and I got an eviction notice.

This is what a spending spree looks like on me. No thought to how I was going to live without my savings or a job. I ended up getting a job in Alaska, so I parked my 4 cars and trailer at Willow, TX on my Uncle’s farm. Then I moved from Texas to Alaska. I spent a total of $40,000 of my own money and $18,000 on a company credit card I still had after I was fired.

Bipolar Spending Spree Prevention

  • don’t have all savings accessible on debit card (put in investments that are hard to get at)

  • have a spending limit put on debit card (if you need it go to bank and get cash or check)

  • put some cash with a trusted friend (backup in case accounts are frozen like mine when I investigated for credit card fraud due to the $18,000 I charged on company credit card. Including going to the gun store.)

Treat the Bipolar Mania to Prevent Spending Sprees.

I get the spending spree-itus when I am in mania. Treating mania with meds like Abilify and Lamictal is the only way I have been able to prevent and lessen severe manic episodes. Have regular sleep patterns. Don’t use alcohol as it fuels mania and depression. Take your meds.

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