Sober-fest in October

Challenge to stay Sober in October

One day this last month I thought it would be a good idea to go meet some people at a bar. That is one day in three years. You probably might go once a week, or everyday if there is a happy hour somewhere. BUT for me, I have been sober for 3 years until this one night.

I have bipolar disorder and alcohol is like nitro to mania, and napalm to depression.

I went to this bar and met some fun people. (read we were drinking shots)

By the end of the night I was $297 down in my bank account from buying rounds and had to take a cab home and leave my truck parked back at the bar. (I knew enough not to drive)

I knew not to drive, because I had done that before. I had gotten wasted on vodka and drove my truck into the front end of a neighbor’s car on my street. The police hauled me away to jail and I spent 72 hours locked up.

I had to call my boss and plead with her, crying that I didn’t want to lose my job over not being able to show up because I was in jail.

She said, “You won’t lose your job. Plenty of people that work here have an alcohol problem. When you get out and come back to work, come see me. We will talk about how to make you a success.”

Wow. I kept my job and true to form that supervisor showed a lot of empathy for me.

I feel for you as you may or may not feel the consequences of your struggle with alcohol. You may have had it and stopped even struggling.

I say you can beat this by quitting alcohol all together. That is what I am saying to myself.

I am going to stay sober for the entire month of October. At least from October 5 til Halloween. AND who knows beyond.

I empathize with you that drinking is fun and may be what defines your social life. It did mine.

BUT have you ever like me had to walk from your home to the bar to pick up your truck? That is what I did that day. As I walked the 2-mile trek, I thought why oh why did I decide to binge. I am glad I didn’t drive. I hope my truck is OK. All these thoughts and more went through my head.

Then I read a great blog post about Sober October from Megan Lee. I went to her post and commented that I was in to try the challenge. I am going to stay sober in October from today forward.

If you want to join the Sober-fest in October challenge or Sober October challenge simply comment that you are in, here and on her blog post. Let’s get through this thing together.

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2 thoughts on “Sober-fest in October

    1. Yes, alcohol is like nitro to me. I was just lonely and visited a bar was my mistake. But I feel good now and feel like I have learned a lesson.

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