Mania Or Normal Happy Or is it the Weed?

I have bipolar 1 and PTSD.

Bipolar depression is my norm and has longer lasting episodes, so when mania comes it is the new happy. AND I feel like a rock star! I’m HIGH!

But I am not having a manic episode, and I am not depressed.

Why am I happy?


  1. The reason is that I talked to my daughter last night, and she is going to have a baby. I’m going to be a grandpa.
  2. I also opened up about me being bipolar to several hundred high school friends on FB. I got feedback saying how Courageous and transparent I was .. at least 30 people chimed in and gave me kudos for coming out as mentally ill.

Just trying to squash the stigma.

But it was also me making amends for hurting some and just moving on and never looking back. I lost a lot of friends, and they don’t even know why. So this proclamation was also meant to suave some old wounds.

For some it worked! I now have renewed connections to people that now know me and love me. I didn’t have that yesterday.

PLUS my FB app was chiming in every two minutes with a new LIKE LIKE LIKE LOVE on my post. I just felt like a rock star!

So what is the difference between mania and normal happy OR is it the weed?

There has got to be some research about how endorphin this and cannabis that cause serotonin to elevate mood in bipolar people. (notice I didn’t say patients)

Did you know that there is a NEW research study comparing the runner’s high and smoking weed. It was once thought that the runners high produced endorphins, but come to find out it’s cannabis type cells. All this is really natural.

If you know some sciences research on happy or manic or high?

Questions in the comments and or just say HIGH. Are you high? Why not?

The funny thing is that this is past my bedtime. You see I ate some cannabis oil like three tablespoons an hour ago. It JUST kicked in. It knocks me out so I don’t dream the PTSD violent attack dreams that I’m used to without medication. I am using cannabis as my medication and it is working.

I’m not manic or High, but I am happy. Cuz I’m a Dad and a Grandpa.

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