Chile Train for a Champion (psychosis)

I have bipolar 1 and ptsd with psychosis tendencies.

In my most manic moments I take a lot of selfie videos. This video started out as a trip to the meat market at 5am in the morning just before dawn. BUT what it ended up as was a whirlwind of personality promoting the Comal County Chili Contest.

I was driving to the meat market and I saw this train without an engine. So I back my truck up and hook it to the cars. The rest is history listen as I play Sam Houston in Chile Train for a Champion

I am totally manic and have psychosis. I think that I am Sam Houston. I believe that my truck really can and will pull the train. I believe that the train is filled with beef, beer, bourbon, and bullets. (don’t tell anyone about the bullets) Going North to New Braunfels, Texas. Comal County Fairgrounds. We are just waiting for the south bound sister train that goes to Mexico.

Do you ever have mania?

What is your mania like, are you creative like me?

Please ask questions and share your life in the comments.

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