Be yourself. Be courageous. Speak Up and Speak Out. #MentalHealthMatters

I'm BbqDad

My name is BbqDad. I have bipolar and ptsd.

I have been on the bipolar roller coaster for 40 years. In the last three years, I have been medicated and stable. I stayed off of meds so long because I didn’t want to believe I was “crazy”.

So I kept it a secret. Now, I am reaching out to those that have bipolar and are feeling alone.

I recently posted a letter to friends on FB about being bipolar and a little about my mission. It was something I was anxious about, but was surprised by the positive support I got back.

I was speaking with a woman today that had read my letter. I asked, what do you most like about it or do you remember a quote?

She said, “Your honesty and authenticity. Your courage to share.”

Wow. I guess I made a good impression for a change. That feels good I thought.

That is just how I write. Simple. Concise. I liken myself to Hemingway for short brief concise sentences. Lol. Seriously, what is she saying?

Be yourself. Be courageous. Speak Up and Speak Out.

The stigmas still abound, it is time that people speak up about what bipolar is all about and to speak out against treating mental illness as a sign of being “crazy”. #MentalHealthMatters

You need to find your voice. I am hear to help you.

I have a mental illness, and I’m speaking up.

One take away as an aside.

I use cannabis to boost my mood and creativity when depressed. It also helps me sleep at night relieving me of PTSD nightmares.

I’m trying to help a lot of people with my blog, would you help too?

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