Mindful Meditation: How to center your mind when having anxiety

This is something that I learned while I was in the hospital recovering from a severe manic episode. The practice is using mindfulness and meditation and is used whenever I am anxious or having racing thoughts.

It can be practiced anywhere but is best if you can find a quiet spot.

The idea is to take a piece of candy in a wrapper and focus on it.

We are going to use all five senses.

  • Don’t unwrap the candy (I’m using a DOVE chocolate) yet. Instead, feel the texture and shape noticing if smooth or rough.
  • Slowly unwrap the chocolate and listen to the sound of the wrapper (in my case foil) as it opens and bends to reveal the item inside.
  • Smell the chocolate and feel the soft texture.
  • Now put the chocolate in your mouth but don’t chew it yet. Let it melt in your mouth. What does it feel like as it rolls over your tongue.
  • What does it taste like? Sweet.
  • Continue to notice all the details of the experience with all your senses that you can muster.

Keep focused on the chocolate and let every other thought drift away.

Doing this exercise has a calming effect on me and can center my mind.

Afterward You will feel grounded.

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