Every Little Thing (song)

This song is on the album #bipolar420 – Every Little Thing which was released Aug 4, 2019.

I was severely manic (high) when I wrote this song about reconnecting with a girl, I missed while out on the road singing. I wasn’t really out on the road touring. I believed I was out on the road touring. I was having psychosis.

Psychosis is believing things that aren’t real. Like El Chappos men are after me. Another story.

I had spoken to “My Baby” on the phone and she asked me if I wanted to come home. I started crying tears of joy. At the time I was living in Austin, TX on the streets and getting a call meant a plane ticket and a place to stay in Alaska. So yes, I went from the steets of Austin (after being released from a hospital) to the beauty of Alaska.

In verse 1 of the song, I refer to “Charlotte way” because it was her birthplace and she ran away from home as a teenager. She had a very interesting life as a dancer to make money. A few years later she decided to move to Alaska. Before she left, an older woman that was her mentor gave her 7 cannabis seeds. She took those seeds to Alaska and grew them into marijuana plants in her garage.

This is the specific “bag of weed” I am referring to in Verse 2 when I am trolling for girls on the beach in Ft Lauderdale. My world tour ends up in Daytona a la Kid Rock style Nascar concert.

I never toured on the road and I certainly never played Daytona. BUT my psychosis or beliefs made it out like it was a real experience for me.

I never got any Nascar fans but I did come up with this song.

Every Little Thing By BbqDad


Every little thing is going to be a little easier

Every little thing is going to be ok

My baby called me early this morning,

Every little thing is going my way.

Verse 1

Left Austin town early this morning

Headed down to Charlotte way.

Gonna lay down with the musgadives

Where my baby ran away!


Verse 2

Headed down to Ft Lauderdale

Blue skies and tan legs.

Got me a guitar and a bag of weed.

Hehe. Don’t think I’ll be lonely today.


Verse 3

Can you say Daytona,

knew you could oh happy day.

My baby called me early this morning,

burning rubber towards my home to stay.



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