FBI Raids Cannabis Bar But I Kept Singing

Hi I’m BbqDad and I have bipolar and PTSD.

Here is a video link below of me that was shot in Colorado Springs, CO by Channel 13 News. The story is about the FBI Raid on a cannabis bar. The owners were doing something shady and got caught.

I happened to be on a road trip and had stopped in at the bar to do some dabs (concentrated weed goo). While I was there the FBI shows up and a camera crew from Channel 13 News. Being that I was manic and highly confident I saw this as an opportunity.

I ran out to my car. (One I purchased just for the trip a Chrysler 300 SVT) I got my guitar and ran back into the bar.

Without asking permission, I quickly got on stage and started singing and playing my original song, “Smokin MaryJane and Riding Cheyenne.”

One of the camera men, quickly focused on me and recorded the whole song. Later that night it was played on the nightly news. I was famous, for 1 minute.

BTW I used to use the nickname “Ghost”, but it reminded me that I had been a ghost to my kids. So I changed my nickname to “BbqDad”. It sounded happier. In any case enjoy the video.

Here is the video and/or text video link.

Ghost2012 – Smoking MaryJane from Lance “Ghost” Merrick on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “FBI Raids Cannabis Bar But I Kept Singing

  1. Wow thats pretty cool. I would have probably sat there frozen soon as the F.B.I walked in lol. But then again who knows, maybe I would have started dancing once you started singing 🤔 lol.

  2. Yes, we would have been on TV together. It happened so fast I didn’t think. My manic brain saw the camera crew and bolted into action. My mania makes me a super star in my mind. More addicting than drugs. I miss it sometimes, but I rather be stable. How about you?

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