Thank you VIP Supporter for iPad/Pro and Internet for a year!

H​i BbqDad Here and I am totally humbled.

I received a large donation from a loyal VIP supporter today. Actually, the donation appeared in my PayPal.Me/BbqDad account a week ago. The purpose of the gift was to buy a new iPad/Pro and internet cable modem with service for one year.

I still can’t believe it.

I live in a senior housing apartment and did not have cable or internet nor a computer. I have been using a computer that is in the Senior center library for the past two months to write my blog posts and do research. I have written a post every day for a total of 68 posts all from the library.

T​here are times I wake-up in the middle of the night and get dressed, get coffee and go to the library computer, so I have access when no one else is using it. I have been happy doing my writing in this fashion.

I​ put the goal to save money towards buying a iPad and internet on my VIP site and lo and behold someone asked me if they could give me a grant for the purchase.

W​ell of course I said yes!

My VIP site uses Buy Me a Coffee as a way to accept tips for work that I do and special zoom sessions for giving peer support and meditation exercises.

I​ personally thanked this individual, well it was actually a couple over a zoom session.

Now, I can get up in my PJ’s and type away without having to go to the library. I also can now blog during the day when the library computer is being used by someone else. Now I have my own.

More great content to come!

My dream writer’s workstation

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