Lost Girl

It was Halloween and the girls were excited to go trick or treating. Emily, 8 yo was a Gypsy and Casey, 5 yo was Snoopy. We had a cat named “Moonshine” that the kids adored.

B​efore we could leave the house, “Moonshine” went missing. The girls were upset and wanted to go searching for the cat. I said I would go.

A​fter I came back, Emily was missing. She went looking for the damn cat.

Three hours past. ​No Emily. My heart was pounding. There were costumes everywhere. No Emily.

W​e lived close to the river. Many times Emily and I had gone there to fish. She named her first fish Toby. I feared she was river bound.

I​ ran with all my speed towards the river. I was on the edge of panic as this was the last place to look. I didn’t want to believe that some “monster” or child molester could have snatched her. (I didn’t want to go there.)

W​hen I got to the river, I saw Emily walking along the edge holding Moonshine in her arms. I yelled, “Emily come home darling”.

W​hen I got to her, I picked her up and held her tight. I cried tears of joy and felt the panic leave my body. I felt relief. 

This was the scarest Halloween in my life and I fell down on the ground and thanked God that I had found my daughter, and yes even the damn cat.

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