I’m a vulnerable, charismatic man living in abundance.

This is a vision I had for myself 10 years ago. I set this expectation at a leadership development workshop where I was asked to write an affirmation for my life.

At that time I was a mess!

I was in full manic mode and was on an emotional roller-coaster. I would tear up and cry randomly, especially if you told me an inspiring story. Like every other story at this workshop.

Burn Out from working as a computer consultant also had me down alot. But I think it was me cycling between mania and depression as I have bipolar disorder.

My relationship with my kids was strained as I traveled for work and was on the road all the time. When I called on the phone they could hear agitation in my tone of voice due to mania.

I wrote this poem about it:

There are three broken 💔 hearts and a bottle and I’m trying to drown away their misery.

There are three broken 💔 hearts and a bottle and their cries of anguish are killing me.

There are three broken 💔 hearts and a bottle but I’m doing everything to set them free.


I read this to the workshop participants when I told them my story.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Vulnerability does that. It creates empathy and draws people closer that care.

The speaker was a dynamic kinda guy with a compassionate heart ❤. He came up to me and asked, “Lance when was the last time you talked to your daughters?”

We didn’t leave the room until I picked up the phone and called.

He helped me and I listened to him because he was a compassionate and charismatic man.

I wanted to be charismatic like him too.

And abundance?

I realized that its partly about money and having the freedom to travel and do the things I want to do. Like travel and move closer to my daughter’s.

But abundance is also an attitude about gratitude. Being thankful for the people that support my mental health and are in my life.

Now 10 years later, I realize that I have become my vision.

I am a vulnerable, charismatic man living in abundance.

Do you have an affirmation for your life?

Make one and it will guide your journey and give you the success you desire by becoming the person you dream about.

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    1. Wow, glad you had such a positive 😊reaction. The affirmation changed my inner being. As I wrote this I realized I was happy and thriving. I had become my vision.

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