#NaNoWriMo KickOff


National Novel Writing Month.

I entered a contest starting in November to write 50,000 words of a book in one month.

The book will be my memoirs about my “Life’s Journey with Bipolar” a roller-coaster ride of emotional struggle and victory over bipolar disorder.

There are two main characters:

Lance is a college student at the University of Texas. He goes to a Willie Nelson concert and meets a girl named Amy Jo. They dance and smoke weed all night long while the concert is playing. We see them battle the struggles of bipolar disorder and the victories they have over the disease, all while falling in love with each other.

Amy Jo is a pretty, smart (18 yo) farm girl that went to the big city to go to Nursing school. She works as a bartender on the weekends and also helps her landlord (Sam) grow weed. She has bipolar disorder and is under treatment. It is this that she shares with Lance who is undiagnosed but has all the symptoms.

I will be blogging about my efforts and post excerpts all along the way so tune in.

Until later. Besides be sure to follow now so you can keep up with the latest results.

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