Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

Is a book title from my hero Willie Nelson. He is one of my greatest influences on both my music and life.

I started smoking weed because of Willie.

One of the quotes he says in the book references his trip to Maui:

“Texas was getting kinda warm. Maui feels fantastic!” By Willie Nelson in His Book called Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.

I am living in Alaska so I know what the summers in Texas feel like when I grew up there. So the mild summer in Alaska would be better than the 100 degree plus dog days of Texas summer. I spent college days in Austin where I met Willie Nelson. But now that Alaska is entering the cold dark winter months. I want to be in Texas, like a snow bird. The Bennett’s are traveling in their motor home in the Southern States this winter. Then they will come back to Alaska for the summer fishing season and hunting.

Speaking of Books. Willie Nelson wrote his memoirs in this book, but I am also following in his footsteps and writing a book. The book is called “Falling In Love with Bipolar” a story about two college aged kids that fell in love and both of them had bipolar. So falling in love with a Bipolar Girl is the gist of the 1st half of the book. The second half covers the last 40 years after college. Sounds epic. It is.

Falling In Love with Bipolar

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Until that time get great articles about my struggles with writing the book as I had to dive back into memories that I would rather forget. It is painful.

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