I’m only 18, what do i know?

Hi, I’m Amy Jo and I’m jest me. I’m a farm girl that came to the big city to become me. Studying nursing and working as a bartender. Oh and I’m Bipolar420 Girl.

You can read my deepest secrets and see my wildest sexy antics all in the book about me “Falling in Love with Bipolar”, By Lance Merrick

Here is my character bio.

Amy Jo is a farm girl come to the big city to pursue nursing. She’s not afraid to change the oil in her 69 VW Bug that was yellow  with black racing stripes on the hood and roof number 05 on both doors. She has bipolar and she educates Lance about the symptoms to discover his own diagnosis. 

I’m free to be me.

Like a river raging

Deep like the grandest canyon

If you can’t see my heart then you must be blind!

Read the first chapter here called “How Willie Nelson Triggered My First Manic Episode”

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Legacy of ❤️ Love

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