Peanuts: the Doctor is In

Charlie Brown can not get rid of the kite-eating tree. It was consuming his joy.

Is something consuming your joy?

That is a lot of how bipolar disorder feels. Like a joy eating monster took over your brain. The euphoria of mania can make us forget about the soul-crushing grip of depression that will return during a crash. But this lasts only as long as the manic episode lasts which could be several weeks or months.

I told my doctor that I was hypomanic during November while writing my book. But for the most part I was productive and getting enough sleep. But after I completed the goal and with the Christmas blues, I was feeling down and sad.

I felt like having even mild manic and depressive episodes would merit a med bump.

Rather than deal with my sad or manic feelings, she picked up that I was writing a book. She said she wanted to read it and that she was proud of me.

That made me feel better about myself and validated about having a writing goal.

If you like me are dealing with living with bipolar then let me know. I’m here to listen. The Doctor is in.

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