What is #bipolar420

Hi, I’m BbqDad and you may be wondering What is #bipolar420?

Simply put, #bipolar420 is me. I have bipolar disorder and I smoke weed. You can see me smoking out of my favorite pipe. The Wake & Bake Coffee Cup.

BBQDAD – #bipolar420
  • Bipolar420 is also my website where I talk about how I get relief.
  • If you go on YouTube and search for #bipolar420 then you will find my songs
  • Use #bipolar420 on Twitter and you will find my spaces and tweets
  • It is also the title to my music album #bipolar420
  • Bbqdad.bandcamp.com is my band website.

So the key to getting in contact with me is searching for #bipolar420. Join me in a space or find me on Apple Music or YouTube and lets enjoy building community.

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