Just Another Moody (manic) Musician

Just Another Moody(Manic) Musician My name is Lance Merrick, aka BbqDad. I have bipolar disorder with features of psychosis. I live in Alaska. For 40 years, I have lived untreated and could not find any relief for my symptoms because I was stubborn and didn’t believe my diagnosis. All during this time, I had manicContinue reading “Just Another Moody (manic) Musician”


I’m BbqDad and I have bipolar disorder with psychosis. I will be raw and vulnerable exposing myself to possible ridicule and anxiety. But I’m courageous to share so that someone will not feel alone and choose to live. Then we can use our network to extricate them from their nightmare. #womenincrisis

Drag Racing at Sweet Water

On a manic road trip from Texas to Colorado, I take a side road in Sweet Water, TX. It was a long straight road that chases a string of windmills for miles. My Chrysler 300 SVT was turbo charged and came setup with a 1/4 mile lap timer. Just press a button and floor theContinue reading “Drag Racing at Sweet Water”

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