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There have been 44516 words written with one week left to reach past 50,000.

Amy Jo has suffered sexual abuse as a kid, assault and rape at 18, attempted suicide and now hospitalized.

Now trying to get her life back together, she suffers one more blow which threatens to bring her life crashing down.

I’m only 18, what do i know?

Hi, I’m Amy Jo and I’m jest me. I’m a farm girl that came to the big city to become me. Studying nursing and working as a bartender. Oh and I’m Bipolar420 Girl.

You can read my deepest secrets and see my wildest sexy antics all in the book about me “Falling in Love with Bipolar”, By Lance Merrick

Here is my character bio.

Amy Jo is a farm girl come to the big city to pursue nursing. She’s not afraid to change the oil in her 69 VW Bug that was yellow  with black racing stripes on the hood and roof number 05 on both doors. She has bipolar and she educates Lance about the symptoms to discover his own diagnosis. 

I’m free to be me.

Like a river raging

Deep like the grandest canyon

If you can’t see my heart then you must be blind!

Read the first chapter here called “How Willie Nelson Triggered My First Manic Episode”

High IQ = Imagination

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination- Albert Einstein

Not just the recounting of facts but being able to solve problems.

I know this might sound extreme but I solve problems in my dreams. I fall asleep with a problem.. I wakeup with a solution. I’m not talking math problems, I’m talking relationship issues to work out.

Try and solve a problem in your dreams.

  • Think of a question that represents a problem. Meditate on that.
  • Close your eyes to imagine. Imagine the question coming true.
  • Wakeup with solution.

#NaNoWriMo – Ending Week 2

36,916 words out of 50,000 have been written.

The story went from a memoir to a love story called Falling in Love with Bipolar.

The second week was harder to write as I had to edit the outline to come up with a plot that matched the characters and would be entertaining.

Amy Jo has turned in a fabulous performance as Bipolar Girl. From the moment she goes off her meds the adventures begin.

She has been sexually abused as a kid, raped while working as an escort, uses drugs and was arrested and locked up for 72 hour observation.

Lance, her bf stands by her side through it all.

Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

Is a book title from my hero Willie Nelson. He is one of my greatest influences on both my music and life.

I started smoking weed because of Willie.

One of the quotes he says in the book references his trip to Maui:

“Texas was getting kinda warm. Maui feels fantastic!” By Willie Nelson in His Book called Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die.

I am living in Alaska so I know what the summers in Texas feel like when I grew up there. So the mild summer in Alaska would be better than the 100 degree plus dog days of Texas summer. I spent college days in Austin where I met Willie Nelson. But now that Alaska is entering the cold dark winter months. I want to be in Texas, like a snow bird. The Bennett’s are traveling in their motor home in the Southern States this winter. Then they will come back to Alaska for the summer fishing season and hunting.

Speaking of Books. Willie Nelson wrote his memoirs in this book, but I am also following in his footsteps and writing a book. The book is called “Falling In Love with Bipolar” a story about two college aged kids that fell in love and both of them had bipolar. So falling in love with a Bipolar Girl is the gist of the 1st half of the book. The second half covers the last 40 years after college. Sounds epic. It is.

Falling In Love with Bipolar

JOIN MY MAILING LIST to make sure you don’t miss the LAUNCH PARTY for the book publishing. It will have a writers circle dedicated to it and podcast interview.

Until that time get great articles about my struggles with writing the book as I had to dive back into memories that I would rather forget. It is painful.

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