How I met my girl at a Willie Nelson concert.

This is a direct excerpt from the book ‘Falling in Love with Bipolar” where Amy Jo and Lance first meet I could see people lighting up and smoking joints. It smelled of Willie weed. That was 30 years before Willie Nelson actually started a brand of weed called “Willie’s Reserve”. But I went up toContinue reading “How I met my girl at a Willie Nelson concert.”

Take Me [Erotic Poem]

Take meWhen morning dewBeads up on heated skin Blind fold meUnder birch treesgrassy patch for pillow Bind meWith cordsAround tent stakes Tease meWith spring sprung fernsAmid falling cottonwood Grab mehair pulled tightCoaxing gasping breath Spank meRed blush revealedAnd quickening heart Spread meSoaring eagleUnder blue sky Trust meYieldingYet not breaking Thrust meUnleashed passionWith wild abandon TakeContinue reading “Take Me [Erotic Poem]”

How Do I Stop Me?

Babette lunged at me and grabbed my hair. She pulled me into the wall then I tripped over a chair and went down to the floor. She was on top of me and had her hands around my neck. I was having a hard time getting my breath as she squeezed harder. I tried toContinue reading “How Do I Stop Me?”

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