High IQ = Imagination

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination- Albert Einstein Not just the recounting of facts but being able to solve problems. I know this might sound extreme but I solve problems in my dreams. I fall asleep with a problem.. I wakeup with a solution. I’m not talking math problems, I’m talkingContinue reading “High IQ = Imagination”

#NaNoWriMo – Ending Week 2

36,916 words out of 50,000 have been written. The story went from a memoir to a love story called Falling in Love with Bipolar. The second week was harder to write as I had to edit the outline to come up with a plot that matched the characters and would be entertaining. Amy Jo hasContinue reading “#NaNoWriMo – Ending Week 2”

Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

Is a book title from my hero Willie Nelson. He is one of my greatest influences on both my music and life. I started smoking weed because of Willie. One of the quotes he says in the book references his trip to Maui: “Texas was getting kinda warm. Maui feels fantastic!” By Willie Nelson inContinue reading “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die”

I’m your fireman, you’re my fire.

“How bout “I need a fireman cuz I got a fire.” That would be my code phrase.”, Amy said. “I got a fire. That is all you have to say, and then I’ll be your fireman.”, Lance offered. Amy reached out and grasped my hand. We held hands for a minute just staring at eachContinue reading “I’m your fireman, you’re my fire.”

NaNoWriMo.org Week #1

This first week I wrote 23193 total words. The National November Write Month. It’s a contest to write 50,000 words of a book in 30 days. I wrote 23,193 words in 7 days. Now I’m slowing down to bleed deep. I’m planning on reading chapters on YouTube.

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