I am a poet

Verse #1 Your RV woke me as you pulled in next to me how could I know you would be my friend. Campfires and kisses and songs from the heart, Morning coffee we shared our troubles and wants. Chorus I am a poet just so you know I write whats on my heart of loveContinue reading “I am a poet”

resource: Are You On Your Meds?

Ground Control to Major Tom: Are you on your meds? Me: Just charging the battery. . Are You On Your Meds? Why would anyone be off their meds? Why people stop meds: Start feeling better Side effects of meds Can’t tell how we’re doing Think we’re fine Fear lose ourselves to meds zombies Money orContinue reading “resource: Are You On Your Meds?”

Poem: I moved to Alaska to become a writer

I moved to Alaska to become a writer. Both of my kids are grownup and live outta state. So I decided to have an adventure. […] I am bipolar. Sometimes up. Sometimes down. Just keeping my feet on the ground. I have meds to tame my moods. I play music to be understood. I don’tContinue reading “Poem: I moved to Alaska to become a writer”

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