Do you have a personal affirmation for your life?

Having a personal affirmation is like having a why for living, both can change negative thinking to positive thoughts over time. I spent an afternoon at a growth seminar thinking of my personal why for living and what were my passions for life. During that time I developed my own personal affirmation. “I am aContinue reading “Do you have a personal affirmation for your life?”

How to Stop Thinking of Suicide

How you feel and what you do are two separate things. You can have the thoughts about suicide going through your mind, but you DO NOT have to follow through with them. You deserve to live. Make the decision to live. If you are in immediate danger and are thinking about suicide, then you can’tContinue reading “How to Stop Thinking of Suicide”

Get relief at Depression Forums online support group

I have bipolar disorder and PTSD. Often times family and friends do not understand or get overwhelmed dealing with my mood changes. At these times an online support group comes in handy. My go to online support group is The Depression Forums is a depression and mental health social community support group. It hasContinue reading “Get relief at Depression Forums online support group”

Practice simple yoga to relieve stress.

I got more than stress, I got panic attack’s. Racing thoughts going through my head. Pressure on chest I don’t like to use meds for stress when I can use meditation. Sometimes I use deep breathing to calm down. Like breathe in for a count of 4 then hold for count of 4. It’s calledContinue reading “Practice simple yoga to relieve stress.”

When I Want to Die, I read this letter

Love ❤️ letter to Bbqdad Dear Bbqdad, You are your best friend and you are awesome! A great dad that built memories with your children camping, soccer practices and chili 🌶 contests. E is your chili taster and C is your biggest fan. You are still their hero. Right now you are either outta controlContinue reading “When I Want to Die, I read this letter”

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