TED Talk: What is Bipolar?

For me the worst of it involves being out of control feeling extremely high, being a chatterbox spewing endless thoughts that are racing through my brain.

Bipolar Symbol :):

Happy or Sad Manic or Depressed Bipolar Disorder Today I was on Twitter looking at #bipolar tweets. One of the tweets had this symbol in the text :): Someone took a happy face 🙂 and a sad face ): and smashed them together into one symbol. The Bipolar Symbol…tada. I kinda like it. What doContinue reading “Bipolar Symbol :):”

Chile Train for a Champion (psychosis)

I have bipolar 1 and ptsd with psychosis tendencies. In my most manic moments I take a lot of selfie videos. This video started out as a trip to the meat market at 5am in the morning just before dawn. BUT what it ended up as was a whirlwind of personality promoting the Comal CountyContinue reading “Chile Train for a Champion (psychosis)”

Bipolar Depression: Can Cannabis give relief?

I have bipolar 1 and PTSD. Being bipolar means I have the ups (mania) and the downs (depression). I am feeling like a flat pancake this week. My mood is down but I wouldn’t say I am hopeless. I have been through this before and have strategies to deal with it and manage the symptoms.Continue reading “Bipolar Depression: Can Cannabis give relief?”

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