Bipolar Symbol :):

Happy or Sad Manic or Depressed Bipolar Disorder Today I was on Twitter looking at #bipolar tweets. One of the tweets had this symbol in the text :): Someone took a happy face 🙂 and a sad face ): and smashed them together into one symbol. The Bipolar Symbol…tada. I kinda like it. What doContinue reading “Bipolar Symbol :):”

Chile Train for a Champion (psychosis)

I have bipolar 1 and ptsd with psychosis tendencies. In my most manic moments I take a lot of selfie videos. This video started out as a trip to the meat market at 5am in the morning just before dawn. BUT what it ended up as was a whirlwind of personality promoting the Comal CountyContinue reading “Chile Train for a Champion (psychosis)”

Bipolar Depression: Can Cannabis give relief?

I have bipolar 1 and PTSD. Being bipolar means I have the ups (mania) and the downs (depression). I am feeling like a flat pancake this week. My mood is down but I wouldn’t say I am hopeless. I have been through this before and have strategies to deal with it and manage the symptoms.Continue reading “Bipolar Depression: Can Cannabis give relief?”

Bipolar Triggers: Know when an episode is starting

If you have bipolar mania or depression then you know when an episode is starting if you understand your triggers. Some triggers that may kick off an episode: alcohol and drug use sleepless nights poor diet, lack of exercise changes in weather and seasons conflicts with other people, problems in your intimate relationships grief socialContinue reading “Bipolar Triggers: Know when an episode is starting”

Bipolar Spending Spree (Impulsivity)

One of the symptoms of bipolar is impulsivity. Or as I like to call it: Spending Sprees. I don’t mean like go to Walmart and get a full basket spree. I mean buy 4 cars, a trailer, and 10 acres of land in one month spree. That is what I did. I bought 4 cars,Continue reading “Bipolar Spending Spree (Impulsivity)”

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