Living like a rock star is risky behavior

Living like a rock star is risky behavior I have bipolar 1 disorder and PTSD. Most know that bipolar is a mood disorder characterized by high elevated mania and low depression. Another lesser talked about symptom is that of “risky behavior” and it is where I have gotten myself into the most trouble. I becomeContinue reading “Living like a rock star is risky behavior”

Voodoo Chile @RoadKill Grill (mania and can’t stop talking)

I am obviously manic in this episode of General Sam Houston @RoadKill Grill. When I watched this video I had to ask myself. What the hell is this? There is no point other than a collection of racing thoughts and images all jumbled together. This is what my brain looks like when it is manicContinue reading “Voodoo Chile @RoadKill Grill (mania and can’t stop talking)”

Be the Farmer (mania)

Hi All, Here I am giving a speech about why farmers are the best people to be. In this video I am manic and am able to talk off the cuff about the importance of loving each other and having a mission in life. My political compass is Freedom and my moral compass is toContinue reading “Be the Farmer (mania)”

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