Bipolar Treatment: Last thing I wanted to do

The last thing I wanted to do was get treatment for my bipolar disorder. I have known for years that I have bipolar 1 disorder and somewhere along the way I also developed PTSD. But knowing a diagnosis and seeking treatment are two different things. Why did I avoid treatment for bipolar disorder? My episodesContinue reading “Bipolar Treatment: Last thing I wanted to do”

Yoga Nidra to relieve stress and anxiety

Yoga Nidra means “deep yogic sleep”. (script of recording) By practicing this exercise, you will lower stress and anxiety promoting deep sleep. There is no set posture but you should be relaxed. I lay down on a mat or my bed. (after all I’m trying to go to sleep when I do this or toContinue reading “Yoga Nidra to relieve stress and anxiety”

Bipolar Spending Spree (Impulsivity)

One of the symptoms of bipolar is impulsivity. Or as I like to call it: Spending Sprees. I don’t mean like go to Walmart and get a full basket spree. I mean buy 4 cars, a trailer, and 10 acres of land in one month spree. That is what I did. I bought 4 cars,Continue reading “Bipolar Spending Spree (Impulsivity)”

Bipolar Mania Music Playlist

Music has a lot of emotional energy. When I am manic, I want to listen to classic rock. In this video I am on a vacation trip to see a friend in New Hampshire. It’s a sunny day. The forest is green. The air is fresh. I’m playing the stereo up loud in a rentalContinue reading “Bipolar Mania Music Playlist”

My Bipolar Blog: Why do I write it?

Why do I write? I have to answer that question every time I sit down to write a post. Part of the reason I write is that I enjoy writing and it makes me happy. It relaxes my mind and takes me away from manic racing thoughts. When I write, I am too busy toContinue reading “My Bipolar Blog: Why do I write it?”

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