Get relief at Depression Forums online support group

I have bipolar disorder and PTSD. Often times family and friends do not understand or get overwhelmed dealing with my mood changes. At these times an online support group comes in handy. My go to online support group is The Depression Forums is a depression and mental health social community support group. It hasContinue reading “Get relief at Depression Forums online support group”

Voodoo Chile @RoadKill Grill (mania and can’t stop talking)

I am obviously manic in this episode of General Sam Houston @RoadKill Grill. When I watched this video I had to ask myself. What the hell is this? There is no point other than a collection of racing thoughts and images all jumbled together. This is what my brain looks like when it is manicContinue reading “Voodoo Chile @RoadKill Grill (mania and can’t stop talking)”

Asleep at the wheel doing 80mph

I fell asleep at the wheel and hit a concrete wall doing 80mph. This was after driving 3500 miles from Texas to Connecticut to visit my daughter for the Christmas holidays. I was on my return journey and was “pushing to get back” one day earlier on the flip-flop. Texas-Louisiana Border before falling asleep atContinue reading “Asleep at the wheel doing 80mph”

Cannabis helps PTSD

I have bipolar 1 and PTSD. Tonight we learn about my PTSD. I never used to have angry dreams but now I have one in particular. I am leaving a bar after performing at an open-mic. I open my car door and three youths ambush me. I tried to defend myself but a baseball batContinue reading “Cannabis helps PTSD”

Prescribed medication Lamictal

I AM BIPOLAR 1 AND PTSD. This means that my mood meter can go from zero to 30,000 and sometimes erratic. But Lamictal is a mood stablelizer. It takes the sharp edges off my mood graph. (wish we had one to show 🙁 or at least explain later) It like smooths everything out. Then addContinue reading “Prescribed medication Lamictal”

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