When I Want to Die, I read this letter

Love ❤️ letter to Bbqdad Dear Bbqdad, You are your best friend and you are awesome! A great dad that built memories with your children camping, soccer practices and chili 🌶 contests. E is your chili taster and C is your biggest fan. You are still their hero. Right now you are either outta controlContinue reading “When I Want to Die, I read this letter”

I’m a Pilot like Grandpa!

I said excitedly to my mother over the phone. She said, “Your Grandpa was never a pilot. Your Grandma was the pilot!” I said, “But I saw airplane models in his office, and he was always talking about flying.” “That is true but your Grandpa was a businessman and didn’t have time to go toContinue reading “I’m a Pilot like Grandpa!”

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