Be yourself. Be courageous. Speak Up and Speak Out. #MentalHealthMatters

My name is BbqDad. I have bipolar and ptsd. I have been on the bipolar roller coaster for 40 years. In the last three years, I have been medicated and stable. I stayed off of meds so long because I didn’t want to believe I was “crazy”. So I kept it a secret. Now, IContinue reading “Be yourself. Be courageous. Speak Up and Speak Out. #MentalHealthMatters”

When you feel like a failure

I am bipolar and PTSD. (more like I have, rather than I am) I was talking to a young lady today that was severely distraught. Happily she said that she had started writing a book. She spent countless hours working on the project and it made her really happy. She was happy when she wrote.Continue reading “When you feel like a failure”

How to Stop Thinking of Suicide

How you feel and what you do are two separate things. You can have the thoughts about suicide going through your mind, but you DO NOT have to follow through with them. You deserve to live. Make the decision to live. If you are in immediate danger and are thinking about suicide, then you can’tContinue reading “How to Stop Thinking of Suicide”

9 Tips to help you manage mental illness.

This blog is inspired by another writer who gave us these tips but for managing chronic pain. I felt like her tips would be good for managing bipolar, depression, ptsd, any mental illness. So this is my adaptation. #1 – Acceptance I was stubborn when I heard my diagnosis 40 years ago. I didn’t believeContinue reading “9 Tips to help you manage mental illness.”

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