Cannabis helps PTSD

I have bipolar 1 and PTSD. Tonight we learn about my PTSD. I never used to have angry dreams but now I have one in particular. I am leaving a bar after performing at an open-mic. I open my car door and three youths ambush me. I tried to defend myself but a baseball batContinue reading “Cannabis helps PTSD”

Prescribed medication Lamictal

I AM BIPOLAR 1 AND PTSD. This means that my mood meter can go from zero to 30,000 and sometimes erratic. But Lamictal is a mood stablelizer. It takes the sharp edges off my mood graph. (wish we had one to show 🙁 or at least explain later) It like smooths everything out. Then addContinue reading “Prescribed medication Lamictal”

Cannabis can lessen the severity of bipolar 1 symptoms

I am bipolar1. My episodes are sky-high and 6 months with a crash that can last 3 years. This last manic episode was triggered by my Daddies’ birthday and lasted only 2 weeks and on an awesome creative high. I smoke cannabis to lessen the severity of my bipolar 1 disorder symptoms: depression mood isContinue reading “Cannabis can lessen the severity of bipolar 1 symptoms”

Can you get a medical marijuana card with bipolar disorder?

A first search on Google shows this: “Current medical marijuana laws in most American states say that only a few physical and mental health conditions qualify for medical marijuana treatment. According to a report from 2017, bipolar disorder is not considered a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in any state.Aug 9, 2021” A search onContinue reading “Can you get a medical marijuana card with bipolar disorder?”

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