Song Lyrics: One way ticket to a heartache

Hey hey here is a song I wrote for you!! Kisses and hugs one day everyday every all-nighter long

She’s a one way ticket to a heartache

She’s a one way ticket to a heartache

One way ticket to love

I’m betting she’ll go a running

When I knock upon her door

But when she said I love you

That’s when I

gave everything I got

For a one way ticket to a heartache

One way ticket to love ❤️

Now she’s a cam girl model

She’s my every wet dream

When she’s lying on her back

I’m frikin flicking Bean

I’m paying all her rent

I’m giving her my all

Cuz I spent my heart ❤️

And went backrupt

Trying to live

In her dreams.

Got a one way ticket to a heartache

One way ticket to love 💕

Now I’m landing on a runway

Down in Bucharest

And my pants and heart are burning

My brain is all fucked up

When Red steps on the tarmac

Ain’t anybody not goin know

That she’s her own woman

But she’s everything I got

She’s a one way ticket to love ❤️

Cuz her Love is a fever

And I must find release

Cuz all she’s gonna get

Is everything that’s me

Cuz she’s everything to me Red Wild 🍒 Cherry

And I’m going all in on a heartache

I’m going all in on ❤️ love.

I FARMER #BeTheFarmer

That’s right.

My name is Lance Ghost Merrick and I’m reporting barely alive in Hope, Alaska!

I farmer. I was born Farmer.

I was driving tractor when I was three.


1963 Harlingen, Texas

That’s right south Texas where the palm trees blow and we had a cotton farm.

And down on the farm we grew up tough!

Tough as nails give em hell.

And here is my best friend SPOT.


But it wasn’t long before I was dreaming of bigger and better things than being a farmer.

Is there anything that is better than farming?

How about being an astronaut?


Or how about a cowboy?


That’s my daddy. He is a cowboy see his black boots?

And that is Smokey my other best friend. He loved peanut butter and jelly sandwishs. That was how I broke him and that when I became a cowboy!

I am a COWBOY but I farmer too!

And those my two sisters Shawn and Kesha. It been 50 years and we still close and help each other.

People On the farm help each other.


What about cowboy don’t you understand?

I guess it wasn’t Willie that made

me want to be a cowboy.

It was my daddy.


Smoky and I blazed the acres and acres of cotton fields back home.

There are BOOKS about me and Smokey but that is another chapter.

“Oh those old cotton fields back home.”


2008 and I farmer still.

Yeppers when I got older about 14 I was sent to a concentration camp in Kentucky. It was called Uncle Leo’s farm.

He farmer too!

Lexington, Kentucky was 45 minutes south of the farm.

We worked from 4:20AM in the morning and did’t hit the hay til 11:30PM at night. Usually after watching a ball game. Cincinnati Big Red Machine eating ice cream!

But the rest was work. Hard Labor. No Pay.

Then at age 14 I discovered THREE things that became the obsessions of my LIFE.


  1. Grandpa made whiskey in a still and I got a pint a week.
  2. There was a tomatoe plant that did’t grow tomatoes and it a weed. But you could smoke it.
  3. Farm Girls

Farm Girls became the obsession of my life. #OnlyFarmGirlsAllowed.

Whether I am an astronaut or a cowboy ONE thing still is true.

I farmer.

Be the farmer like me!


#BeTheFarmer #OnlyFarmGirlsAllowed

Please follow me and I will teach you farmer.

I will show you all the reasons why being a farmer is better than anything in the world.

‘cept farmgirls.



And please check out my band website. – It almost like Willie but not quite.

Willie Nelson: Amsterdam LIVE

I just decided that on Sundays I would post a live video of music legends that have influenced my life. Period.

Because I met and smoked a joint with Willie Nelson in 1978 In Austin Texas and later in 1990 on a Golf Course in California.

I owe this to Willie Nelson:

I smoke weed

I released a music album August 2018 Going Down On The Farm

I can sleep at night after hearing the Red Headed Stranger Crooner sing me nite nite.


I am not afraid to be different.

I am 58 and just starting my professional music career 40 years after that 1st meeting with Willie Nelson.

Next UP?

I would like to collaborate on an original song with Willie Nelson by December 2020.

It will have something to do with providing food to the world via a remotely deploy-able food in a box farm.

Yes iFarm a box that grows food automatically anywhere in the world. Period.


Its jest weed’s music auditions venue rsvp party

Sunday as in tommorow

Bbqdad gives you BBQFEST2018

The Jeffries bass master puppeteer Jay Straw will be invited as the number one headliner