Im born free

Free from trauma and heartache. Free of bias. Free. Now that Im retired I have captured that freedom. My new AT&T networked phone has allowed me to take my music and my writing on the road. Before I had to stay home and hope that I got a signal on my Verizon network. Mostly itContinue reading “Im born free”

#NaNoWriMo KickOff

A love story between two college students both struggling to live with the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Making Connections and Community

I want to make a stronger connection to my readers.
I want to make a community to support each other with our mental health.
I want to listen.

Bipolar Mania Music Playlist

Music has a lot of emotional energy. When I am manic, I want to listen to classic rock. In this video I am on a vacation trip to see a friend in New Hampshire. It’s a sunny day. The forest is green. The air is fresh. I’m playing the stereo up loud in a rentalContinue reading “Bipolar Mania Music Playlist”

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