Bipolar Girl

Bipolar Girl – Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway is an actress that plays Lexi a bipolar girl on Modern Love. “Bipolar Girl” is the theme song to the show where Anne sings about being bipolar. Words like “are you up or down” and “will you be manic by the weekend” say that she is bipolar. TheContinue reading “Bipolar Girl”

Going Down On The Farm (Live) EP Release

This is my first EP release of original songs about going down on the farm as a kid. The humor and country blues are inspired by Willie Nelson, BB King, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Lonnie Donegan. I always wanted to be a country singer songwriter. Now I am. Starting to get paid gigs aroundContinue reading “Going Down On The Farm (Live) EP Release”

lyrics: How Do I Leave Me by bbqdad

Song: How do I leave me? Verse One true love, I’ve never found. Jumping bed to bed, All on re-bound. Drove 3000 miles, Went West young man. Spent my Rent money, Down at some guys van. Three lonely souls, I left behind, Three broken hearts, And a bottle of Beam Chorus I must be outtaContinue reading “lyrics: How Do I Leave Me by bbqdad”

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