Panic Attack

As illogical as it may seem panic attacks can occur when venturing out and feeling scared.

I try to sit down relax breathe deeply in on count if 4 exhale count of 4.

This calms some down. I use this technique when I am afraid to leave my room.

Bipolar and Veterans

This article is long but explains what bipolar symptoms and depression look like in veterans.

I have two uncles that served in Korea and Vietnam. One came back not so right. He had bipolar and schizophrenia. Disabled as a result.

I wrote “How Do I Leave me?” to say we hear your pain.

resource: Are You On Your Meds?

Ground Control to Major Tom:

Are you on your meds?


Just charging the battery.


Are You On Your Meds?

Why would anyone be off their meds?

Why people stop meds:

  • Start feeling better
  • Side effects of meds
  • Can’t tell how we’re doing Think we’re fine
  • Fear lose ourselves to meds zombies
  • Money or cost of meds
  • Fear of dependence on psych meds
  • Lack of support or sense of shame


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