tip: helping others helps ourselves by Bbqdad

This is what I do when I am wound up all in myself.

When I think I must be outta my mind
and find no peace.

Or think I’m useless.
So tell me, How Do I Leave Me?

The solution is to take a vacation from ourselves by helping others.

Helping others helps ourselves.

Because it feels good to love.

resource: How Do I know I’m getting ready to launch into a bipolar episode?

Everything speeds up. 🚀

For me there are several signs like lack of sleep and extreme energy. Starting a bunch of new projects. Spending extra money on ideas that could make “millions”, etc.

Make a list of things you say or do before an episode and note how the pattern repeats.

Then you can take care to rein things in and calm things down.

I found the following video helpful to identify some patterns.

The following is from the YouTube channel of Polar Warriors where I find a lot of good info.

This episode shows two actors role play a “manic” person and a “depressed” person.

It is almost humorous how many of these ways of thinking or speaking I have exhibited.

Some of these conversations are like the calm before the storm.

poem: I’m calming myself down by bbqdad

poem: I’m calming myself down
Feeling the room surround me
Testing each of my senses
Tasting sweet peppermint candy
Touching my feet to the ground
Seeing blue skies out my window
Hearing passing cars,
the bathroom fan,
My deep breathes and
the crunch of peppermint candy.

It takes about an hour to come around.
I’m calming myself down.

When I wrote this it was before day light savings and the sun was shining. Now presently it is dark but growing lightness.

Today as I feel darkness and doubt,
Help me to see the growing lightness.
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By Lance Merrick
Copyright 2018