FBI Raids Cannabis Bar But I Kept Singing

Hi I’m BbqDad and I have bipolar and PTSD. Here is a video link below of me that was shot in Colorado Springs, CO by Channel 13 News. The story is about the FBI Raid on a cannabis bar. The owners were doing something shady and got caught. I happened to be on a roadContinue reading “FBI Raids Cannabis Bar But I Kept Singing”

Just another old moody musician that smokes weed

Hi Bbqdad here. I have bipolar disorder and PTSD. For 40 years I lived untreated and could not find any relief for my symptoms because I was stubborn and didn’t believe my diagnosis. All during this time, I had manic episodes come and go about every summer and depression in the winter. Seasonal trigger fromContinue reading “Just another old moody musician that smokes weed”

Every Little Thing (song)

This song is on the album #bipolar420 – Every Little Thing which was released Aug 4, 2019. I was severely manic (high) when I wrote this song about reconnecting with a girl, I missed while out on the road singing. I wasn’t really out on the road touring. I believed I was out on theContinue reading “Every Little Thing (song)”

Be yourself. Be courageous. Speak Up and Speak Out. #MentalHealthMatters

My name is BbqDad. I have bipolar and ptsd. I have been on the bipolar roller coaster for 40 years. In the last three years, I have been medicated and stable. I stayed off of meds so long because I didn’t want to believe I was “crazy”. So I kept it a secret. Now, IContinue reading “Be yourself. Be courageous. Speak Up and Speak Out. #MentalHealthMatters”

When you feel like a failure

I am bipolar and PTSD. (more like I have, rather than I am) I was talking to a young lady today that was severely distraught. Happily she said that she had started writing a book. She spent countless hours working on the project and it made her really happy. She was happy when she wrote.Continue reading “When you feel like a failure”

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