Be the Farm

Don’t Be the Farmer

Be the Farm

This is one acre set aside for a warehouse to house KG or Kentucky Grown.

Kentucky Grown is my own brand of weed.

The warehouse will grow 1000 plants at one time.

But I am not gonna tend or water the plants.

That is for the Farmer.

I own the Farm.

Its jest weed’s music auditions venue rsvp party

Sunday as in tommorow

Bbqdad gives you BBQFEST2018

The Jeffries bass master puppeteer Jay Straw will be invited as the number one headliner

Burning burning love

I fooled around and fell in love SANTA AND ANGEL

ANGEL is from MOSCOW and is a MODEL.

We met at one of my concerts overseas. YES I played in Moscow. She is coming over in 2 weeks for a holiday and coffee….. wink… OMG

I’m falling in love with her.. I didn’t know at 58 it could happen to me. She is very friendly and we talk every morning and every night.

This could be the ONE…