9 Tips to help you manage mental illness.

This blog is inspired by another writer who gave us these tips but for managing chronic pain. I felt like her tips would be good for managing bipolar, depression, ptsd, any mental illness. So this is my adaptation. #1 – Acceptance I was stubborn when I heard my diagnosis 40 years ago. I didn’t believeContinue reading “9 Tips to help you manage mental illness.”

Sober-fest in October

Challenge to stay Sober in October One day this last month I thought it would be a good idea to go meet some people at a bar. That is one day in three years. You probably might go once a week, or everyday if there is a happy hour somewhere. BUT for me, I haveContinue reading “Sober-fest in October”

Mania Or Normal Happy Or is it the Weed?

I have bipolar 1 and PTSD. Bipolar depression is my norm and has longer lasting episodes, so when mania comes it is the new happy. AND I feel like a rock star! I’m HIGH! But I am not having a manic episode, and I am not depressed. Why am I happy? AM I NORMAL HAPpy?Continue reading “Mania Or Normal Happy Or is it the Weed?”

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