TED Talk: What is Bipolar?

For me the worst of it involves being out of control feeling extremely high, being a chatterbox spewing endless thoughts that are racing through my brain.

#NaNoWriMo KickOff

A love story between two college students both struggling to live with the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Making Connections and Community

I want to make a stronger connection to my readers.
I want to make a community to support each other with our mental health.
I want to listen.

FBI Raids Cannabis Bar But I Kept Singing

Hi I’m BbqDad and I have bipolar and PTSD. Here is a video link below of me that was shot in Colorado Springs, CO by Channel 13 News. The story is about the FBI Raid on a cannabis bar. The owners were doing something shady and got caught. I happened to be on a roadContinue reading “FBI Raids Cannabis Bar But I Kept Singing”

Just another old moody musician that smokes weed

Hi Bbqdad here. I have bipolar disorder and PTSD. For 40 years I lived untreated and could not find any relief for my symptoms because I was stubborn and didn’t believe my diagnosis. All during this time, I had manic episodes come and go about every summer and depression in the winter. Seasonal trigger fromContinue reading “Just another old moody musician that smokes weed”

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