Every Little Thing (song)

This song is on the album #bipolar420 – Every Little Thing which was released Aug 4, 2019. I was severely manic (high) when I wrote this song about reconnecting with a girl, I missed while out on the road singing. I wasn’t really out on the road touring. I believed I was out on theContinue reading “Every Little Thing (song)”

How does music help bipolar?

I have bipolar disorder and PTSD. How does music help? It really depends on the mood and whether I am listening or writing music. When I am depressed I will listen to jazz or the blues. Oddly listening to the blues cheers me up. Maybe hearing about all of BB King’s woman problems makes mineContinue reading “How does music help bipolar?”

Should I stop taking my bipolar meds?

Every person that has been diagnosed with bipolar has had to wrestle with this question before: Should I stop taking my bipolar meds? I have been diagnosed with bipolar for over 20 years but it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I accepted the diagnosis and started taking meds. In that 3 years my moodsContinue reading “Should I stop taking my bipolar meds?”

9 Tips to help you manage mental illness.

This blog is inspired by another writer who gave us these tips but for managing chronic pain. I felt like her tips would be good for managing bipolar, depression, ptsd, any mental illness. So this is my adaptation. #1 – Acceptance I was stubborn when I heard my diagnosis 40 years ago. I didn’t believeContinue reading “9 Tips to help you manage mental illness.”

Chile Train for a Champion (psychosis)

I have bipolar 1 and ptsd with psychosis tendencies. In my most manic moments I take a lot of selfie videos. This video started out as a trip to the meat market at 5am in the morning just before dawn. BUT what it ended up as was a whirlwind of personality promoting the Comal CountyContinue reading “Chile Train for a Champion (psychosis)”

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