#NaNoWriMo KickOff

A love story between two college students both struggling to live with the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

poem: I’m calming myself down

Feeling the room surround me Testing each of my senses Tasting sweet peppermint candy Touching my feet to the ground Seeing blue skies out my window Hearing passing cars, the bathroom fan, My deep breathes and the crunch of peppermint candy. It takes about an hour to come around. I’m calming myself down. ### WhenContinue reading “poem: I’m calming myself down”

Poem: I moved to Alaska to become a writer

I moved to Alaska to become a writer. Both of my kids are grownup and live outta state. So I decided to have an adventure. […] I am bipolar. Sometimes up. Sometimes down. Just keeping my feet on the ground. I have meds to tame my moods. I play music to be understood. I don’tContinue reading “Poem: I moved to Alaska to become a writer”

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